It flows like a river under a dungeon.

Dungeon Dice flow chart

As proof that I really am continuing to work on Dungeon Dice, I present an image of the flow chart I put together for the Human turn in the game. Preliminary code tests are pretty much finished, so now it's a matter of taking this chart and coding accordingly.

Digging in.

Dungeon Dice

Dungeon Dice arrived in the mail today and I've already begun scanning in the assets. Excited to get started on this one.

Is it considered breaking the rules if you made up the rules yourself?

Dungeon Dice by Parker Bros.

My next game conversion is now officially announced: Dungeon Dice by Parker Bros.

I would like to thank Flip Florey at the Flip The Table Podcast for providing me with a copy of this game. My original plan was to use assets culled from various websites (eBay, etc.), but the quality of said images was decidedly lacking. With Flip giving me access to the actual game, I can scan in the assets myself and provide the best possible imaging in the finished game.

Now, I'm aware that this game actually breaks my first rule of coding: "Must be directly related to Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books or related characters." But what can I do? This is a cool game and I really want to convert it, so I have no choice but to break my own rules, don't I?

I don't really feel bad, but I should probably put a disclaimer in the rules list or something so I don't get sued.

Mary Poppins Now Ready to Babysit the Kids.

Mary Poppins Carousel Game

The 1964 children's game The Mary Poppins Carousel Game is now ready to play. It's a very simplistic roll-and-move game that leaves the winner entirely to chance, but I loved it when I was a little kid, so I couldn't pass up the chance to code it out. It's so basic it took me less than a week from concept to finished game. I added some graphics from the Disney movie to spice it up a bit. It's not a terribly exciting game (at least not if you're over the age of five), but you can be comforted by the fact that a full four-player game only takes a few minutes to play.

Play Now.

I'm going round and round with this next project...

Mary Poppins Carousel Game

Here's a screenshot of the very very early work on my next project, The Mary Poppins Carousel Game. It's a very simple children's game so it should be quick to code and it should be available to play shortly. Right now, I'm more concerned with the layout of the play area than I am with the nitty gritty of coding the gameplay.

The Six Million Dollar Man Digital Board Game - Better Than it Was Before. Better, Stronger, Faster.

The Six Million Dollar Man Digital Board Game - Better Than it Was Before. Better, Stronger, Faster.

The Six Million Dollar Man Digital Board Game has been completely rebuilt. Taking the last years worth of techniques I've learned while coding several other games (ie. Bionic Crisis, The Mad Magazine Game, and Happy Days), I've revamped the entire game interface and made it more interactive and generally just more playable. Take a look and try playing with 4 players to enjoy the full effect of the new Bionic Battles!

Happy Days are here, for the first time! Beta testing begins.

Happy Days Board Game

Happy Days is now available to play.

If you come across any bugs, please let me know. You can drop me a line at Or let me know in the comments.

Race to oblivion.

Screenshots of Happy Days Board Game work in progress

I am currently wrestling with the code for the Happy Days Board Game Drag Races mini game. It's turning out to be significantly more involved than I anticipated. I really should have seen it coming. It'll be worth it when it's done though, cause where else are you gonna see Richie Cunningham challenge his own mom to a drag race?

Will there ever be Happy Days for us to enjoy?

Will there ever be Happy Days for us to enjoy?

I took a break from coding Happy Days for a while but now I'm back and I wanted to post a short update.

I stopped at a point where I was fussing with a section of code that was buggy and bringing the game to a stop whenever a computer AI player would land on a "White Space" and have to play a "Sumthin' To Do" card. You can see a screen shot of a small snippet of the code if you click on the image.

So, over the last couple of days, coming back to the game, I've found and fixed the bug that was locking up the game, and in the process found a number of other bugs in other areas that I was able to quickly fix. Next up I have to add code so the computer AI players will be able to play "Cruisin'" cards if/when they have them and then on to coding the "Drag Race" spaces. At that point, I should be ready to start adding sounds and post the game here to begin official Beta testing.

On a side note, if you're reading this and you have any sound snippets from Happy Days episodes, I need sounds for the game. I would love to get high-quality audio of Fonzie saying things like "AAAYYYY", "Woah" and "Nerd", etc. If you can help, please let me know. Just click my name below to drop me an e-mail.


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