What a crazy pair!

Hey, everybody! Don't lose your mind, but my second game, The Patty Duke Game is now available to play. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think, or if you find any bugs.

This is one of those games I didn't play much as a kid. Not so much because it was a "girl" game, but because of the memory aspect. To do well, you have to remember what was on all the green cards that you have seen, even if you don't currently have the matching red card, because you might get it later. And if you only get to see the name on the card, you also have to remember that so you can say the right name if you ever get to look at it yourself. That's why with this version (unless you have an amazing memory or want a challenge,) I suggest playing with the notes feature enabled so the program notes what you have seen on each green card. The CPU doesn't always make the perfect move, but it does always remember what it has seen, and usually acts accordingly. One other thing about the game that stood out during my many playthroughs were those "TAKE CARD FROM OTHER PLAYER" spaces on the board. They are virtually never landed on because of where they are located. Each one is two spaces away from the branching path where the other option is "TAKE CARD FROM PILE," which is the better play 99% of the time. The end of the game can sometimes drag when you have one or two cards left and you keep trying to hit that one "picture" space you need by exact count, or get lucky and land on "GO TO ANY OTHER SPACE." Then again, it can end sooner than you think if someone is holding one or both of the red WILD cards in their hand. They reminded me a bit of the victory point cards in Catan in that way.

Anyway, enjoy the game, you kooky kids!

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