We're Back after a too long hiatus

We're Back

Hey Everyone! We're Back!
I got caught up in a lot of stuff over the last few years, including starting another site that has a recreation of an old computer game I used to play in elementary school on the Commodore Pet machines we were learning on back then. You can see that at www.oddjsgames.com.
Anyway, I've just finished updates to some of the games here that were having problems when played on certain browsers. I noticed at one point that all of the games I had coded (not including the games coded by Tim Spurling) would lock up when played on an iPad or iPhone. I tracked the problem to how I was implementing sounds and have changed the sound library I'm using to SoundJS, which is part of the CreateJS library. It seems to have solved all my sound related problems, so I've updated all the games and will be using it going forward.
Also, here is a list of the games I'm currently working on:

Each of these is in varying stages of completion, and I make no promises as to when any will be fully finished, but I am working on them and they are coming soon.
Also, I haven't checked with him yet, but last I heard, Tim was working on the Barney Miller with the 12th Precinct Gang game, so that one should also be coming along at some point as well. I'll see if I can't get Tim to post here on his progress.
Anyway, that's the current update on what's going on. On a side note, I've had a few people ask about my creating a framework so they can use it to program their own board games in JavaScript. Although I do reuse a lot of my code, I've never made it workable universally for all my games. I always have to tweak it to fit the game I'm working on. However, it does seem like a fun challenge to see if I could put something together. As I code in the future, I will be working with an eye toward making the code workable for others as well as myself. I will point out that I don't minimize my code before I post it. All the html, css, and JavaScript is readily available and easy to read if you have a developer plug-in for your browser.
So that's it for now. I'll be posting here again shortly with more status updates.

Let's Roll!