The Mad Magazine Game is now in beta testing.

The Mad Magazine Game

You can now head on over to the Mad Magazine page and play the full game. You may or may not encounter some game ending bugs.

There is at least one game ending bug I came upon involving one player sending every other player back one space that I haven't been able to recreate, but I'm looking into it. Also, there are a couple of bugs that are actually part of the game itself where it's possible for players to all be stuck in a situation where no one can move because their space won't let them unless a certain criteria is met, and that criteria can never be met without someone else being able to move. This is a rare but very possible scenario that could also happen in the analog version of the game. I have yet to program around it and the game will simply stop if this happens.

If you do come across any problems, please drop me a line at and let me know what happened and anything you can remember leading up to the problem.

Let's Roll!