Work in Progress - Alien!

Alien (1979) Board Game

Hello everyone. I'm posting just to give a quick update on my current project. That, of course, is a misnomer as I have many irons in the fire right now, but my time recently has been spent working on the ALIEN Board Game from 1979. A kids game for ages 7 and up based on an R-Rated movie, ya gotta love it. Anyway, keep an eye out, I hope to have it finished soon.

Milton the Monster has come to play

Milton the Monster Board Game

Milton the Monster and his spooky friends are here to play with us!
Special thanks to Steven Turner for supplying the scans to us and making this game possible for us all to play. This is a simple spin-and-move with a little bit of strategy added in by having you responsible for moving two tokens across the board. It's surprisingly difficult to win in a four player game, give it a shot.

Milton the Monster Board Game - PLAY NOW!

Getting inspiration

Yes, I'm still working on the Barney Miller game. And by "working," I mean I'm watching the first couple of seasons (at least) of the show for inspiration. I didn't watch the show growing up and missed out on reruns, so I wanted to get a feel for the characters before progressing further in the programming. That may sound silly for a roll-and-move board game, but I plan on adding some text for each of the characters to say at appropriate times. That's the update, now back to work!


We're Back after a too long hiatus

We're Back

Hey Everyone! We're Back!
I got caught up in a lot of stuff over the last few years, including starting another site that has a recreation of an old computer game I used to play in elementary school on the Commodore Pet machines we were learning on back then. You can see that at
Anyway, I've just finished updates to some of the games here that were having problems when played on certain browsers. I noticed at one point that all of the games I had coded (not including the games coded by Tim Spurling) would lock up when played on an iPad or iPhone. I tracked the problem to how I was implementing sounds and have changed the sound library I'm using to SoundJS, which is part of the CreateJS library. It seems to have solved all my sound related problems, so I've updated all the games and will be using it going forward.
Also, here is a list of the games I'm currently working on:

Each of these is in varying stages of completion, and I make no promises as to when any will be fully finished, but I am working on them and they are coming soon.
Also, I haven't checked with him yet, but last I heard, Tim was working on the Barney Miller with the 12th Precinct Gang game, so that one should also be coming along at some point as well. I'll see if I can't get Tim to post here on his progress.
Anyway, that's the current update on what's going on. On a side note, I've had a few people ask about my creating a framework so they can use it to program their own board games in JavaScript. Although I do reuse a lot of my code, I've never made it workable universally for all my games. I always have to tweak it to fit the game I'm working on. However, it does seem like a fun challenge to see if I could put something together. As I code in the future, I will be working with an eye toward making the code workable for others as well as myself. I will point out that I don't minimize my code before I post it. All the html, css, and JavaScript is readily available and easy to read if you have a developer plug-in for your browser.
So that's it for now. I'll be posting here again shortly with more status updates.

What a crazy pair!

Hey, everybody! Don't lose your mind, but my second game, The Patty Duke Game is now available to play. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think, or if you find any bugs.

This is one of those games I didn't play much as a kid. Not so much because it was a "girl" game, but because of the memory aspect. To do well, you have to remember what was on all the green cards that you have seen, even if you don't currently have the matching red card, because you might get it later. And if you only get to see the name on the card, you also have to remember that so you can say the right name if you ever get to look at it yourself. That's why with this version (unless you have an amazing memory or want a challenge,) I suggest playing with the notes feature enabled so the program notes what you have seen on each green card. The CPU doesn't always make the perfect move, but it does always remember what it has seen, and usually acts accordingly. One other thing about the game that stood out during my many playthroughs were those "TAKE CARD FROM OTHER PLAYER" spaces on the board. They are virtually never landed on because of where they are located. Each one is two spaces away from the branching path where the other option is "TAKE CARD FROM PILE," which is the better play 99% of the time. The end of the game can sometimes drag when you have one or two cards left and you keep trying to hit that one "picture" space you need by exact count, or get lucky and land on "GO TO ANY OTHER SPACE." Then again, it can end sooner than you think if someone is holding one or both of the red WILD cards in their hand. They reminded me a bit of the victory point cards in Catan in that way.

Anyway, enjoy the game, you kooky kids!

Hey, cousin!

Patty Duke Game Preview Screenshot

I thought I'd post an early screenshot of the game I'm currently working on, the Patty Duke Game! It's based on the the Patty Duke Show TV series that ran from 1963-1966. Interestingly, on the inside of the box, before the rules, it talks about Patty and Cathy Duke, even though in the show their last name is Lane. True, the actress that plays both of them is named Patty Duke, but there is no Cathy Duke.
Anyway, I'm making decent progress, but it'll probably be a few weeks before it's ready to play. The challenge with this one as opposed to the Donny & Marie game is that there is a memory aspect to it. The AI needs to remember which cards it has seen, whether it was the entire card or just the girl's name ("Patty" or "Cathy,") and make decisions accordingly. Other than that, I don't anticipate there being too many problems with coding this one. It's a relatively simple game.

Snow Time Like the Present

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Well, I think it's done. The final code for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been posted and should be ready for (hopefully) bug-free play-through. I admit freely that I'm posting this at 4 in the morning after being up all night so I'm a little punchy. I can only hope I wasn't just dreaming that all the bugs are fixed ;)

Go give it a play and see what you think. Fair Warning: it is every bit the children's game it looks like and you may not make it all the way through. You do get points for trying though.

Snow Wait

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is nearing completion. I finally got off my duff and fixed the problems I was having with the upper fork in the road and now things seem to be running smoothly. I just need to iron out any final bugs I might find and spruce up anywhere I feel it needs to be spruced. If you play a game now, you should be able to get all the way to the end without a hiccup.

I'm a Little Bit Country...

Donny & Marie Osmond TV Show Game

I've been outdone!

A gentleman named Tim Spurling contacted me a few months ago and told me how much he enjoyed this website. He had done something similar with a board game that he personally enjoyed, but that wouldn't have fit in here, and he was interested in doing something for this site. I am proud to say he recently completed work on the Donny & Marie TV Show board game and we have placed it up for play.

I have to admit, he really did a wonderful job and I think it looks as good or better than the games I've converted. I'm a little jealous of his skill, but it only makes me want to up my own game on my future work.

Anyway, don't delay, go PLAY IT NOW!

And, as if to show me how to do my own job (!!) Tim has already started work on the Patty Duke game! Check out the details on it HERE.

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work I go...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is almost complete. I have to finishing allowing for the fact that there are two paths to the Finish line and then just put on the final touches. I haven't decided if I want to add more sound effects (or sound bites from the movie), but at this point I think sounds for the markers moving and the spinner spinning are enough. Any other noises would likely just get annoying after a while. The Happy Days game originally had significantly more sounds, many from the show, but when play-testing I found them to be far more distracting than fun. I suspect additional sounds would just feel the same on Snow White. Sometimes simpler is better.

It flows like a river under a dungeon.

Dungeon Dice flow chart

As proof that I really am continuing to work on Dungeon Dice, I present an image of the flow chart I put together for the Human turn in the game. Preliminary code tests are pretty much finished, so now it's a matter of taking this chart and coding accordingly.

Digging in.

Dungeon Dice

Dungeon Dice arrived in the mail today and I've already begun scanning in the assets. Excited to get started on this one.

Is it considered breaking the rules if you made up the rules yourself?

Dungeon Dice by Parker Bros.

My next game conversion is now officially announced: Dungeon Dice by Parker Bros.

I would like to thank Flip Florey at the Flip The Table Podcast for providing me with a copy of this game. My original plan was to use assets culled from various websites (eBay, etc.), but the quality of said images was decidedly lacking. With Flip giving me access to the actual game, I can scan in the assets myself and provide the best possible imaging in the finished game.

Now, I'm aware that this game actually breaks my first rule of coding: "Must be directly related to Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books or related characters." But what can I do? This is a cool game and I really want to convert it, so I have no choice but to break my own rules, don't I?

I don't really feel bad, but I should probably put a disclaimer in the rules list or something so I don't get sued.

Mary Poppins Now Ready to Babysit the Kids.

Mary Poppins Carousel Game

The 1964 children's game The Mary Poppins Carousel Game is now ready to play. It's a very simplistic roll-and-move game that leaves the winner entirely to chance, but I loved it when I was a little kid, so I couldn't pass up the chance to code it out. It's so basic it took me less than a week from concept to finished game. I added some graphics from the Disney movie to spice it up a bit. It's not a terribly exciting game (at least not if you're over the age of five), but you can be comforted by the fact that a full four-player game only takes a few minutes to play.

Play Now.

I'm going round and round with this next project...

Mary Poppins Carousel Game

Here's a screenshot of the very very early work on my next project, The Mary Poppins Carousel Game. It's a very simple children's game so it should be quick to code and it should be available to play shortly. Right now, I'm more concerned with the layout of the play area than I am with the nitty gritty of coding the gameplay.


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